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Display Type: TN HTN STN B/W STN
Display Mode: Positive Negative Yellow-green Blue Grey FSTN DSTN
Background: Green Grey
LCD Dimensions (mm)
LCD Design layout guide
LCD Length (M): (A):    (B): (C):
Top Width (R): (D):    (E): (F):
Bottom Width (Q): (G):    (H): (I):
Glass Thickness (U): (J):    (K): (L):
(M):    (N): (O):
(P):    (Q): (R):
(S):    (T): (U):


(A): (B): (C): (D): (E): (F):
LCD Configuration

Drive Method

Duty Cycle: Bias: Voltage: V
Wave: Type A Wave: Type B Frequency:  

View Direction

9:00 3:00 6:00 12:00

Position of Sealing

Left Right


Front: Transmissive Requirement Pasted Separated
Rear: Reflective Transmissive Transflective Pasted Separated

LCD Connector

Zebra Strip Pin Heat seal

Temperature Range

Operating range: °C to °C
Storage range: °C to °C

Special Request

Pin insert: Yes No Pin no. ea
Printing: Yes No Color:

Environmental Requirements

High Temperature Storage High Temperature / High Humidity Storage
Shock Resistance High Temperature & Shock
Low Temperature Storage Other Requirements

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