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Product Information & Overview

Pointing Devices


Pacific Silk represents Elan's capacitive technology series of pointing devices, including touch screens, touch panels, and an innovative new force sensor technology, that combines the functionality of a mouse, a joy stick, a jog wheel and a scroll wheel all in one simple, intuitive, touch sensitive disk.

The cost effective and patented touch screen and touch panel technology supports up to ten simultaneous touch points, and delivers exceptional responsiveness, sensitivity, linearity and noise immunity. Built in gesture recognition supports zooming, scrolling, and many other common functions.

The force sensor technology supports continuous 360 degree motion based on the position of the finger around the circumference of the disk. When used as a mouse or a joy stick, on screen cursor direction is determined by finger position and cursor or game object speed is determined by how hard the user presses. The device also recognizes finger motion around the disk and can simulate a scroll wheel.

The force sensor is great for game controllers, for scrolling through 3-D objects, maps, etc